Lastest Market News: Home Appliances


With the fast paced technology evolution, Home Appliances (i.e. microwave oven, juice blender, electric hot stove, refrigerator, rice cooker, extractor hood, air conditioner, humidifier, smart electric heater, electric fan, closet lighting…etc.) are continuously adding on more and more smart functions, for the purpose of enhancing product features, energy saving, as well as for safety measures. With these add-on functions, more or less magnetic sensors play a big part of this technology evolution wave. For example, for the open and close sensing, compare to the traditional mechanical switch method, the magnetic sensor solutions brings in the benefits of non-contact operation to prevent any parts being worn out over the term of use, while yielding a precise reaction of various aftermath functions. AnaSem’s magnetic sensing solutions: Hall Effect IC ( HMX3033H series ) and Magneto Resistive Sensor IC ( MRX & MRY series ) had been widely adopted in this arena, with our solution’s high sensitivity and low power consumption boosting further the home appliances specification advantages, we have had feedbacks from our users that our solutions had helped to minimize their aftermarket defect cases. For further details on our magnetic solution products, please visit our product pages for  Hall IC  and  MR Sensor IC .