Latest Market News: Magnetic Sensing Solution


As of fiscal year 2013, Hall Effect Sensor ICs (AnaSem: HMX3033H Series) still continues to remain as the most common solution for non-contact type magnetic sensing applications, for example, just in automotive industry alone, Hall Effect Sensor ICs are being adopted for the functions of wheel speed measurement, acceleration pedals, crankshaft sensing, anti-lock brake system sensing, electronic throttle valve position sensing, as well as exhaust gas recirculation sensing. Aside of these main mechanical functions in the auto industry adopting Hall Effect Sensor ICs, other requirements and innovations such as car door contact, build in DVD players, seat adjustments…etc. are also adopting magnetic sensing solutions. Yet, Hall Effect Sensor ICs do belong to the low cost category of this type of solution.
Along with the wide adoption of Hall Effect Sensor ICs, the newer solution, the Anisotropic Magneto Resistive (AMR) Sensor (or called the MR Sensor IC, AnaSem: MRX and MRY Series) starting to rise up and play another major role in the market which bring into the new feature of higher sensitivity and more comprehensive sensing areas, gaining its popularity amongst various consumer electronic products such as notebook PC, Tablet PC, Flip and Slide types of mobile phones home and office, security systems, electronic toys, as well as home appliances.
AnaSem Semiconductor is the specialist in designing and providing both Hall Effect Sensor and MR Sensor products based on our rich and extensive experiences of analog techniques, providing the market with our top grade solutions with high sensitivity (1.5mT, 15Gauss sensitivity typical) and low power consumption (1.6uA @ 1.8Vin typical), which lead us to gaining our successes within the applications mentioned above. We are excited to continue serving this ever surging market with our continuous innovations.