AnaSem Semiconductors Infringement Serious Warning


AnaSem Semiconductors had recently received insights from our victimized users that there are unauthorized single entities or organizations whom had been fraudulently claimed to be AnaSem Semiconductors or its authorized sales agent, and had been utilizing illegal methods to commit infringement doings of advertising, promoting, and selling non-authentic AnaSem products to customers in market; AnaSem Semiconductor had took action by issuing legal letters to such infringing entities, while the related legal government body had also issued prohibition orders out, with investigations underway, along with legal proceedings later to come.
Hereby AnaSem Semiconductors will declare again in serious manner, that, without our permission or authorization, we bear an absolute zero tolerance for any company, organization or individual to take on any type of identity to carry out any illegal activity that do harm against our brand image, authorized sales channels, as well as harms to the legitimate users of AnaSem products, while we have started to take initiative by various methods, including but not limited to undercover customers to research and investigate further into the market to seek out any similar illegal or infringing activities, and once confirmed, we will definitely take legal action by all means without hesitation.