Latest Market News: Chip Die Solution - Motor Controller


AnaSem Semiconductor hereby proudly shares another milestone achieved within the power management solution application. AnaSem LDO regulator product lines had achieved collaboration with motor control chip maker to supply our fine-tuned regulator parts with chip die base for application of remote control mini drones, which is surging in popularity in the consumer market / toy gadget field.
AnaSem Semiconductor’s achievement in this area is mainly due to our regulator product line’s ultra low power consumption, super low noise, as well as precise output of ±1% accuracy which are all essential for the superiority of the motor controller chipset.
AnaSem’s chip die supply strategy was implemented mainly for the light weight requirement of the mini drones, without losing its original performance and quality, our VRH & VRD series chip dies do play a major role with all the strict requirement of the motor controller chipset which incorporated sophisticated functions within.
AnaSem again is grateful for all the supports in the market for us to continue our growth into various different segments of applications!