Latest Market News: Near Field Communication (NFC)


AnaSem Semiconductors had gained another success in the field of wireless communication, for which this technology had been gaining popularity than ever: NFC (Near Field Communication). The NFC technology is a form of short-range wireless communication where the antenna used is much smaller than the wavelength of the carrier signal, in order to prevent a standing wave from developing within the antenna, with the signal modulated from electric & magnetic field. This technology has gained its popularity in terms of wireless payments, identifications, gaming, wireless data transfers, various remote controlling…etc. wide ranges of applications. While AnaSem Semiconductors plays the role of supporting the superior level of power management with precise and stable power supply to the module(s), as well as very low power consumption to ensure the best quality with optimized battery lifespan, most importantly, our product’s characteristics of very clean signal due to the requirement nature of the signal communication. Various NFC technology function designs adopted AnaSem Semiconductor’s VRH Series (single channel output LDO regulator) and VRD series (dual channels output LDO regulator). We are proud to continue to be taking part along with this exciting market.