Official Declaration of Genuine AnaSem Sources and Products


AnaSem Semiconductors would like to make an official statement in response to recent inquiries and complaints from customers regarding the legitimate source and URL of genuine AnaSem sources and products, for which we have discovered that there are various websites, trading companies claiming that they are also the legitimate AnaSem maker with the supply of genuine AnaSem products.

We hereby state clearly that our one, and only legitimate AnaSem official website is:; and as for our genuine products, we have our own unique labelling system: While for our authorized and legitimate sources of AnaSem products, we urge our customers to check with us directly if in doubt, as there are still flowing amount of imitators in the market, for which we will reserve our rights to execute legal actions against these uncreditable entities or individuals when necessary.
There had been cases where AnaSem patrons had suffered losses due to the imitation AnaSem products obtained through unknown sources.

AnaSem Semiconductors apologize for the inconveniences caused and we will continue to fix this problem with our best effort.