Latest Market News: Smart Phones


Mobile Phones (or should just simply stating as Smart Phones) have been renovating with cutting edge technologies and features, with slick external designs with very sophisticated integration of various functions. However, the latest technology designs cannot afford to skip the essential, yet, very simple and basic components: Low DropOut Regulators (LDO). The requirement of LDO in Smart Phone designs now a days is getting even stricter, not only it requires very clean output with very minimal noise, but also require for very low dropout voltage, minimized current consumption, high output accuracy, as well as withstanding high heat dissipation given a tiny sized IC packaging profile area, suiting from RF, baseband, to other accessories function of the design. AnaSem Semiconductors had been gaining its success through these requirements and fitting just right to the Smart Phone designer choices. AnaSem Semiconductors offers the VRH (single channel LDO) and VRD (dual channel LDO) series with just a simple series but cover most of the specification requirements, offered in various tiny sized IC packages.

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