We reserve the right at all time to change our products described in this website and on our product datasheets, or may discontinue production or services without any notice in order to supply the best products and services through our continuous improvement on designs, assemblies, productions, managements and standards. Customers are recommended to check and obtain the latest data or information prior to making further decision or actual purchase to ensure receiving the latest and best accurate information from us. It is absolutely necessary for designers, customers and end users to fully understand the product(s) described herein on our website and our provided data in any sort of medium, then apply and use our product(s) in accordance with the stated specification parameters. The product(s) described herein on our website and our provided data in any sort of medium are not intended to use for the apparatus which have influence on human lives due to the failure or malfunction of the product(s). AnaSem reserves the right to refuse service or business to anyone at any time for legitimate reason(s). AnaSem does not assume any responsibility for any infringement of patents, patent rights, or any other rights arising from the use of any of our product(s) or the product(s) information, copyrights, circuitry location license, other intellectual property, nor does AnaSem assume any responsibility for any type of damage or loss arising from the improper use with any of our product(s), including but not limited to the improper use of our product(s) with any application, actual product design, software performance, or any related activity in conjunction with any of our product(s) and the related information. We do not disclose nor imply a guarantee or description about being licensed based on patents, copyrights, circuitry location license, or other intellectual property associated with the devices or combinations in which the products or service of AnaSem are used or can be used, or which cover the methods. While our customers should not export, directly or indirectly, any products without obtaining required licenses and approvals in advance from the appropriate local government agencies which are deemed to be necessary, and it is customers’ responsibility to be aware and be up-to-date with the latest restrictions and regulations of the local import and export government agencies.

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